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About Vanderlinde Group

Together we have over 130 years of Real Estate experience. Currently, we have over a half a billion in real estate sold and in 2015 with a home sale every 1.7 days; making us #1 in the western area. We are locally owned and operated, with extensive knowledge of the area and have been in business as Vanderlinde Group since 2000. We pride ourselves in our unmatched marketing strategy; advertising your home, as no one invests what we do to get it sold.

Vanderlinde Group believes and conducts in “good old” customer service, constant communication throughout the transaction process, superior insight into the real estate business, a laid back style, with superior work ethics and un-compared customer service. We are always open and honest with clients and we genuinely care about each one of you. Quick and effective communication, always being available to answer clients’ questions or concerns in a timely manner, with a full-time support staff, connects you to a real person, not a recording. Continuous follow-up and follow through, nearly all of our group members have 10+ years in the Real Estate industry giving us the ability to stay perceptive throughout a transaction so we can anticipate when clients may have questions. Today Vanderlinde Group consists of; Broker/Owner Jeff Vanderlinde, highly skilled and hardworking Realtors Judy Vanderlinde, Eric Beckman, Tonia Detweiller, and Julie C. Smola, Cindy Keen as the Business Manager and Marketing Director EchoLee Christopherson. 

Jeff Vanderlinde and Vanderlinde Group were one of the first real estate groups to operate in a team concept. One of our unique advantages as a team is when clients need service on short notice, there is always someone available to assist them. The team also benefits from supporting one another in that we can occasionally take a much-needed vacation without disrupting the quality of service we give our clients. We have the confidence in each other to be able to enjoy time away knowing that the service that we provide individually with be backed by the group.

Our uniqueness is the amount of exposure your home receives, we do the basics VERY well. Our job is to spend time and dollars marketing your home to as many potential buyers as possible. 

Looking to work with a team that’s down to earth and where the customers are the priority?

You've found the right team in Vanderlinde Group.

Jeff Vanderlinde

Jeff Vanderlinde President/Realtor

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Judy Vanderlinde

Judy Vanderlinde Realtor

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Eric Beckman

Eric Beckman Realtor

I have a strong background in sales & marketing, and a proven track record in outstanding customer...

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Tonia Detweiler

Tonia Detweiler Realtor/Home Staging

Tonia Detweiler was born and raised in a beautiful; quaint community in Northeast Ohio. Growing up with a...

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Julie C. Smola

Julie C. Smola Realtor

Julie C. Smola is a not just a seasoned Realtor with one profound goal in mind; to treat her clients the way...

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Cindy Keen

Cindy Keen Business Manager

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EchoLee Christopherson

EchoLee Christopherson Marketing Director

Echo grew up just outside of Rochester, MN where she could be found playing with her brother and her dogs,...

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